Tuesday 14 May 2013

4 Keys Ways to Love Your Life Partner More

If you are in a relationship where you feel that your partner loves you so much, but you don’t feel that kind of love, then you must know the answer of this question. Keeping love in a relationship is extremely important to keep the connection alive. There is always a connection between you and your partner. You have to understand it and prepare yourself in such a way that your partner also feels a connection with you. The stronger the connection is, the stronger is your relationship.
If the connection is weak between you and your partner, you must be careful about yourself and how much you contribute to the relationship. This is what will ultimately decide how much strong your relationship. If the relationship is strong, the connection must be strong. So if you want to keep a good relationship with your partner, you should always keep an eye on building a strong connection with your life partner. This is what would ultimately teach you how to love your partner more than ever before. The following points are very helpful to build a strong connection with your life partner.
1, Understand Your Partner’s Feelings.
It is very important that you understand what your partner wants from you. It is also very important to understand what your partner doesn’t like. Though it may not be always possible to agree with whatever your partner wants, it is better not to get into any altercation with your partner. The more you would understand your partner’s feelings, the more there is a chance for you to build a connection with your partner. If you love your partner so much, your partner would also feel that. Because it is your true feelings. At least, most of the time it happens.
I don’t know when someone doesn’t understand true love. But according to me, if someone truly loves a person, there is enough chance for that person to understand it. If someone is acting to love so much, it will ultimately be caught. By the way, if there is true love in a relationship, there is enough chance to create a strong connection. So understand your partner’s feelings at first.
2, Give Value to Your Partner’s Likes and Dislikes.
Try to give enough value for what your partner wants and doesn’t want. If your partner doesn’t like you to do something, try not to do that if possible. Don’t try to cheat your partner and do something that your partner doesn’t like. One day, you will be caught and you might not have anything to say. Your relationship might break or even if it doesn’t break, there will be very little chance to build a good connection again. Don’t just try to keep a good connection with your partner, but keep it all the time.
Giving value to your partner’s feelings will make it possible for your partner to understand your feelings. This is what is actually required that your partner understands your love. This will also express how much importance you give to the relationship. Believe me, your partner would like it. This is the time, the connection between you and your partner is going to be strong.

3, Don’t Insult Your Partner’s Feelings.
Giving value to whatever your partner wants may not be possible all the time. But even if you don’t like what your partner likes, there is no need to argue. Don’t try to show what you are liking is good and what your partner likes is not good. It will hurt your partner. Rather, don’t say anything.
Do not make any comments on what you feel and what your partner feels. If you really want to make your partner understand it, you may do something to make your partner understand it, without saying it directly. Once your partner feels it and understand the mistake, you may say something on that, but not before that.
4, Don’t Argue with Your Partner Frequently.
People don’t like someone who always try to show that he ( she ) is right. You may be right in your decision. But your partner may not agree with you. Remember, everyone has a different kind of mentality. So everyone will always have a different kind of understanding on a single thing.
May be, what your partner is thinking is wrong. But according to your partner, that is right and what you are thinking is wrong. At this moment, if you directly argue with your partner about that, your partner will not like it. Rather, you should keep quite and find a suitable time to talk about it.
Arguments would never bring a good solution. But without arguing, if you just talk about what is right and wrong, you partner might catch your point of view. If there is a connection of love between you and your partner, it is quite easy to get a solution to any problem. If your partner is a little different, it might be a little difficult for you to make it possible.
However, whatever the condition is, altercation with your partner is never a good habit. It doesn’t help you build a good connection with your partner. In a relationship, there are many other things you may need to be careful about, but  following the above rules would surely help you a lot.

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