Monday, 15 April 2013


A healthy relationship requires the effort of both partners to maintain. Here i have few tips that can help keep the 'fire burning'

- Do not overlook those little things that make yours spouse smile.

-Tell your lover that you truly love him or her, not because it’s a
usual word or you want to use him or her, but because you seriously
mean and feel it.

- Buy him/her a gift even when he/she least expect it from you. No
matter how little it may seem, it means a lot.

- Let your lover feel appreciated for all his or her effort. Good compliments encourages your partner to do more and makes him/her feel appreciated

- Ask your lover to tell you things you can do to improve and better
the relationship.

- Money and Sex is not everything; make him/her feel your presence
by sparing time for them.

- Be faithful and don’t cheat on your lover.

- Always have a heart to heart talk with your lover. Be free and open: Good communication helps a lot. No matter how hard or difficult an issue may look, find a good time to talk about it and make sure everything is settled

- Do not make your lover do things against his or her wish

- Be patient and understanding with him/her

- Always admit when you are in wrong. A simple 'I'm sorry' means a lot.

- Don’t bring the bad friends to your relationship, they will spread
forged rumors; Don't allow the third-party to come in between you and your partner. They give you bad advice which will lead to a break up/divorce.

Do enjoy a healthy love life

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