Monday 29 October 2012


Super storm hits U.S

At least 50 million people are bracing for the worst storm forecasters say could be the largest ever to hit the United States. 

Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit the East Coast at 8:50 this evening, and will bring that part of the country to a standstill in the next few days with battering winds, flooding and lengthy power outages.

State of emergency has been declared in NYC, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, and there's mandatory evacuation in all all low level cities. Public transportation, subways, bridges, schools, tunnels, businesses, have all been closed.

Much of the East Coat is on lock down right now as they are expecting a storm surge of 6 to 11 feet above normal high tide. The hurricane is expected to merge with winter storm and they say it has the potential to cause "unprecedented damage."

Thousands of flights into and out of the US east-coast have been canceled and president Obama has also canceled his presidential campaign to monitor the storm, which could cost the US billions of dollars in damages.

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