Friday 30 November 2012

Eight Things Women Say and What They Really Mean

What women say: 'I'm not upset' 
When a woman says that she is fine, she often is far from OK. What she really means is: "the issue we were just talking about is still upsetting me, but I'm too embarrassed or too angry to continue with our 'discussion' (AKA argument)". When she says she is fine, tell her that: 'I know you too well and I know you are not fine. I want to help you and sort this situation out, but I can't until you let me know what is wrong."
What women say: 'It's up to you' 
Careful; you're in dangerous territory if your girl says that 'it's up to you'. This is a test and your decision is going to be judged. The chances are if she says it's up to you, you have two choices; the first will be the choice that you want to do, like going to a bar with friends and watching the game. The second choice will be something that shows you are a committed, caring boyfriend, but won't be something you particularly want to do. To make a decision you need to weigh up the consequences of doing what you want against the pleasure you will get.
What women say: 'It didn't mean anything' 
If the love of your life cheats on you and says it didn't mean anything then she's lying. She's realised her mistake and knows that you're the one that she now wants, but for women sex rarely, if ever, means nothing. She may have slept with that guy because she had feelings for him, or she may have slept with that guy because she's miserable with you, but either way there was a reason and it is a big deal.

What women say: 'I'll just pop in' 
If you hear the words 'I'll just pop in' cancel all your plans now because for the rest of Saturday afternoon you're going to be stood outside the shop that your girl's just gone into. Even if her intentions were pure, once inside she will get distracted and, because she knows you'll be too uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask the shop assistants if they've seen you or wander into the fitting room, she knows that she's safe and can spend up to an hour and a half buying the same skirt / shirt that she owns already.

What women say: 'Of course you're not fat'
If you ask your girl whether you've put on weight or if you are looking a little old, you cannot trust her answer. Although your girl wants you to look good, for women body issues are such a sensitive topic that they would never tell you that you were fat and piling on the pounds or that you were going grey. If you need an honest opinion on your looks, ask a guy friend.

What women say: 'You don't care'
No matter how many times you hear this it still hurts. Of course you care. However, she knows that you love her; when she says 'You don't care' what she actually means is that she feels like you haven't shown you care about her in a while. Next time she says this shower your girl in love, kisses and hugs and she'll feel reassured.
What women say: 'Am I fat?'
When she asks whether she is fat or not a simple no answer will not suffice because your girl isn't actually asking whether you think she's fat or not. What your girl is in fact asking is whether you think she's attractive or not. The next time your girl asks you this question tell her - without any hesitation - that of course she's not fat and that you find her so hot you sometimes can't think about anything else but her.

What women say: 'I don't feel like having sex with you right now'
Now, this phrase is a lot different from its close relation: 'I don't feel like sex right now'. If your girl says that she doesn't want sex right now but puts the emphasis on the 'with you' part, then you know that what she actually means is that she is unhappy and that you've done something wrong. Unlike you, if your girl is angry or upset with you she won't want to jump into bed and will keep you away until you've made it up to her.

Good Relationship with In-laws Improves Marriage for Men, Increases Chance of Divorce for Women

The holiday season is ripe with opportunity forfamily disputes and blow-ups. (As Beverly D'Angelo says in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, "It's Christmas. We're all miserable.") Now, a new study may help your understand how best to handle your relationship with your in-laws

The marriages of men who are closer to their in-laws are 20 percent less likely to end in divorce, according to a study conducted by Dr. Terri Orbuch, a psychologist and research professor at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research and author of Finding Love Again: 6 Steps to a New and Happy Relationship. The story of her findings in regards to in-laws recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal

Over a period of 26 years, Dr. Orbuch studied the habits of 373 couples between the ages of 25 to 37 for a longitudinal study on marriage and divorce funded by the National Institute of Health. As part of the study Dr. Orbuch asked the couples to rate how close they felt to their in-laws. The article that discusses the findings of the study has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Family Relations. 

Whereas a man's closer relationship with his in-laws helps the marriage to survive, a woman's closeness to her in-laws has a negative effect: 20 percent more likely to end in divorce. Dr. Orbuch theorizes this is due to the fact that a close relationship between the in-laws and the wife may include a large amount of meddling.
"In-law ties are especially stressful for women. And, when they are close to in-laws, especially early in marriage, this may interfere with and prevent the formation of a strong bond with their husband. It is important for newlyweds to establish clear emotional boundaries," Dr. Orbuch told Yahoo! Shine. "Relationships are more central and important to women in general. We analyze them and want to constantly work and improve them. We take what our in-laws say as personal, we interpret it as interference and meddling and we can't set the boundaries."

If you've had frustrating arguments with your spouse about his parents, but he gets along better with your parents, there is a reason for this, according to Dr. Orbuch. "[Men's] identity as as a father and a husband is often secondary to their identity as a provider. As a result, they don't take what their in-laws do or say so personally. "

Women, on the other hand, interpret their husband's closeness with their parents as an extension of love for them.
In other words: women: keep doing what you're doing. Men: be nice to your in-laws.

Source: Yahoo!

Marital Vows


I, Sarah Adams take Lawson Kuti as my lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do us part” she smiled at him through her veil.

“You may now kiss your bride Mr. Lawson” The Pastor beckoned.
Lawson’s heart raced as he gently unveiled his bride’s face. She looked so beautiful. He gently bent over and placed a soft kiss on her lip. Sarah in turn embraced him tightly with tears of joy streaming down her face.
“Never leave me Sarah” He whispered in her ear.
“I will never leave you” she whispered and they slowly released themselves from the embrace.
“I present to you the latest couple!” The Pastor exclaimed excitedly
The church cheered and Sarah cried more in her husband’s arms
5 years Later
Sarah silently tip toed behind her husband. He was in his study, engrossed in reading. She smiled to herself and gently covered his eyes with both hands.
“It’s just you and I in this house Sara, plus, I smelled you the moment you walked in” He dropped
Sara released her hold, sighed and sat on the study table, “Why do you figure me out so easily? I can’t even surprise you! That sucks” she curled her arms around his neck
“You are my wife, nothing you do is supposed to surprise me” He playfully pecked her nose.
“But you’ve been in the study all day and I’m bored!” She rolled her eyes
“So what kind of fun do you suggest we have then?” He swooped her off the table in his arms
“No! no that kind of fun!” She hit him playfully till he put her down
“Ok”, He folded his arms on his chest, looking into her eyes, “So what do you want us to do?”
“Not us. Actually, all I want is to play with your play station and you’ve hidden it again! Just give it and you can continue your reading. pleaaaseee” She blinked her eyes playfully
“No way”, He went back toward his study chair and sat, “Not my play station”
“Why! You never let me touch it…like its your baby” She sulked
“Well”, he rolled his eyes, “Not like you’ve given me a baby yet”
Sara paused for a moment. Did he just say that to her? The words struck her deep down
“You shouldn’t have said that Lawson…” She managed to say, her countenance changing.
“But it’s true…I’m only saying the truth Sara” He turned to face her, still sitting on the chair.
“The truth? You think I don’t want us to have kids?”
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that…” He stood to face her now.
“Then what are you saying Lawson? Tell me, what is the truth?”
“Let’s not do this today…please. You can have the play station and play all you want. It’s in my footwear locker and the key is in my Bible”
“You always do this…hurting me with your words” Her voice began to shake
“Don’t start Sara please”
“Tell me why you said those words to me! I want to know!”
“Because I’m tired! I want to be a father! I want to have my own kids Sara…”
” and you think I don’t?!” Sara flared, trying not to let the tears pour
“Then why can’t you get pregnant Sara? This is the fifth year we are trying.” He clenched his teeh and walked out of the study.
Sara was in shock. She sat on the chair for some seconds, stood up again and saton the chair again…this time she held on to her blouse and burst into tears.
2weeks after
“Lawson, wake up please” Sara tapped him
Lawson gently opened his eyes and looked at the alarm clock by his bedside, “It’s 2:00am Sara…”
“It’s urgent”
“I’m listening” He said drowsily
“Mother says we should come for tests. She says she’s spoken to her doctor and he said we should come.”
“What?” Lawson opened his eyes now, “Your mother is the UK for Christs sakes”
“Let’s just do it. We can go for the weekend, lets just give it a shot, please.”
“No. That would be rather expensive and…”
“It’s my birthday today and the only thing I want from you is this trip”
Lawson fell quiet now. For the past two years now, his wife’s birthday skips his mind…totally.
“I’m…I’m sorry Sara…It skipped my mind…”
“It always does” She lay down back on the bed, backing him.
Lawson wrapped his arms around her waist, “I said I’m sorry…”
No response.
Lawson sighed, “Fine, we go this weekend”
“Really?” She turned sharply, excited
“If it will make you happy today”
“Thank you baby” She hugged him.
A week after
Sara jerked at the vibration of the phone in her pocket.
“Hi mom!” she pressed the phone to her ear with her shoulders, wiping the washed dishes with her hands.
“What is it mom?” she pressed it harder
“The result…the result of the tests…” her mother cried
Sarah gently dropped the plate and the wiper, hear racing…”Just say it mom…”
That night
“I can never have children Lawson…” Sara cried
Lawson felt his world crash right in front of him, “W…what?”
“Mama called today…she’s gotten the tests results”
“Jesus Christ” Lawson stood, placing his palm on his head, “b…but you told m you were ok before we got married, you told me the doctor said your abortion didn’t damage your womb”
“Don’t bring my past into this!” Sara flared
Lawson laughed and got serious almost immediately, “You are crazy. I married a crazy woman!”
Sara looked at him in shock, like he’d lost his mind.
“The results say you can never have children and we bith know that this has to do with the abortion you had before we met!”, he flared, “are you happy?…you know we’re screwed right? No kids? what re we going to tell the world?”
“Lawson we can adopt…” Sara cried
“Adopt? Wow!”, he laughed again, “I married a funny woman too!” He got sserious again, “Its still not our baby! The damn baby is not my flesh and blood! You are full of deceit Sara” He looked into her eyes. Sara could see him fighting his tears.
“Lawson stop…you are hurting me…” Sara fell on her knees crying
“You want to know what I’m thinking?” Lawson looked at her with disgust, “I’m thinking how on earth I’m going to stand seeing your deceitful face for the rest of my life”
“Sra cried harder, “Dont give up Lawson…So far I have a womb…I can still carry our baby…”
“I am not giving up on having my baby, I’m giving up on you” Lawson turned around to leave
“Lawson!” She held his feet, “I’m hurting too…”
He only dragged his feet from her hold and drove out of the house. She wept.
A month Later
“Mother, he’s not even talking to me. All of a sudden we are both strangers…He doesn’t eat my food, comes home late…he hates me so much and its killing me. I’m confused…to think that it’s ,e truly hurting…”
“For how long will you hide this truth from him. You’ve got to let him know…you can’t carry his…”
There was the sound of a car hon
“Mom I’ve got to go…he’s back”
“Baby, you’ve got to let him know. It can work when you two are one in mind”
“Bye mom” she ended the call.
Lawson came into the house, about to walk past her.
“Lawson” She held him
“I’m tired” He didn’t want to look at her face
“I know…can we talk for some minutes?” She tried to help him remove his suit
“Look what is it” He jerked from her
“Do you hate me this much? you can’t even look me in the eye? you can’t even stand my sight? Lawson…it’s me Sara…your best friend…” Her eyes grew moist
“I’m in no mood for this” He turned around to walk away
“Don’t you dare leave when I’m talking to you!” She dragged him by the suit.Just then, some papers fell to the floor. Sara quickly bent to pick them up…her hands shook and her body became numb all over.
“D…divorce papers? Lawson?” She searched his eyes
“Answer me goddammit!” She held him by the collar of his shirt, crying
“They are for you to sign. I want out” Lawson dropped
“Y…you what?” she slowly freed him from her hold
“It’s not going to work Sara, can’t you see?”
“Lawson I can’t believe you would think of a divorce and even go this far…why are you so wicked!” she cried, angry
“No! Why are you so wicked!” He retorted, flaring
“Think about me for once. I am a man for Christs sakes. My children are my pride! and you are about to deny me that for the rest of my life because of your stupid mistake!”
“What about me! have you stopped for once to think about what I’m going through”
“Its your cross, carry it” Lawson fixed his angry eyes on his wife
“No, its now our cross and I am not signing those divorce papers! We vowed never to leave each other!”
“Isn’t it better Sara that you save yourself more hurt and sign these papers than to see another woman move into this house before your very eyes?” he said with a tone of sarcasm
Sara’s heart thumped, “What?”
“You heard me…another woman who can help raise a family, so save yourself the stress and sign the damn papers. I need it tomorrow”He turned around to leave again
“She still can;t carry your baby” Sara dropped
“Not all women had abortions. Not every woman was like you.” He scorned
“You are the one who can’t give me a child!” Sara let out, crying.
Lawson stopped now, turned around and walked towards her, “Whatever your plan is won’t work”
“I told you I could never have a child because its you who can’t make me pregnant”
“Shut up! shut up Sara! what the hell are you saying!” He shook her shoulders violently
“You are infertile Lawson…the doctor says you have primary infertility…” Sara burst into tears
Lawson gasped, loosing his balance.
“Mother called me to give me the news. I was shattered, I felt like my world was over but more importantly I thought of you. I thought of what the news could do to you, I thoight of the best way to tell you… never for once did i think of leaving you. I bore your insults, your scorn, because of my past. It was so easy to judge me and think of yourself. I am the one who is hurting, I am the one who should bring some miserable divorce papers…but I thought of you…I thought of hope, faith and a miracle…I thought of my vow to you on that altar. In sickness and in health remember?”, she smiled through her tears, “all of a sudden you are as weak as a baby…looking in your eyes, I can see you sudenly have lost all your guards, You are so wicked”
“Sara…” Lawson fell on his knees, torn.
“No!” She quickly fell on her knees too, “No Lawson…” She couldn’t bear to see him cry
“I’m…I’m infertile”, he cried, “What is left of me?” he searched his wife’s eyes
“Lawson please…” she held his face, “I understand…it has been so hard for me…I have put myself in your shoes since the first day…”
“You don’t deserve this…you deserve better…I can’t believe I scorned you all along…please let me leave you”
“No” she shook her head, “You are my husband. I won’t leave you. I won’t let you leave me…I believe in miracles”
“I’m doomed…Sara I’m doomed…”He allowed his wife take him in her arms and on her shoulder he wept like a child.
In the Morning
Sara gently opened her eyes, looking beside her bed…it was empty. She quickly sat up on seeing a note gently placed on the bed. Hands shaking, she opened the letter to read.
I cannot bear the shame. I have treated you so unfairly, yet you love me still, you are with me even in this condition of mine. To think that you knew all along and you never for once gave me a clue that it is my fault we are in this mess, makes me so unworthy of you. I love you enough to let you build another life with a man who can make you happier. I’m torn Sara and all I ask is your forgiveness. I have always loved you and if you truly love me then please start your life over again…without me…I am truly sorry for disappointing you.
Sara couldn’t control the tears. She couldn’t think straight anymore. She picked her cell phone, shaking…
“Hi Mr. Lawson’s office please”
“hI Lola…” she cried, “have you seen my husband today?”
“No…no ma’am, we’ve been expecting him at work. He has a presentation is fifteen minutes”
“Oh God…God…” Sara dipped her hand in her full hair
“Everything ok ma’am?”
“Thank you” she ended the call.
She quickly got down from the bed and in her pajamas she ran into her car. She dialed his number repeatedly as she drove…no answer.
At 2:00pm
She sped into Fred’s compound, a close friend to her husband.
“Fred!” she banged the door hastily till the door flung open
“My God Sara what’s wrong?” Fred held her
“It’s…its Lawson…have you seen him? is he here?”
“No…Haven’t heard from him in a week”
“Oh God” she held her hair
“What’s wrong?”
But she was already walking away into her car.
“Sara!” He called after her.
She zoomed away.
“Mom, Dad, I can’t find Lawson…I can’t find your son…” she cried as she paced in front of the two who looked lost
“You have to calm down and tell us what happened” Lawson’s mother put her arms around Sara.
Sara burst into tears, “Please Dad could you try his number, maybe he’d pick your call?”
“Have you been to his office?” He picked his cellphone and dialed his son’s number
“I have been everywhere I know him to be likely available”
“It’s ok…calm down please” Lawson’s mother pet her
“He’s not picking. What exactly went wrong between you two?” Lawson’s father searched Sara’a eyes
Sara was still in her pajamas and on her way back home, exhausted and stuck in the traffic. She had told Lawson’s parents everything. The poor couple was so shattered and also begging her to begin a new life. Sara buried her head on the steering, crying; she hadn’t realized the green light.
“Hey get off the freaking road!” a driver cursed from behind her
“God please don’t let him harm himself…keep him safe and lead me to him…please God…” she quickly started the car and began to move.
Suddenly she remembered the church where they wedded and took their vows. It was two hours from here; she made a u-turn and headed for the church hoping to find some peace.
She tiredly got down from the car, drenched and exhausted. She trudged into the open entrance of the church. She paused for a moment; shocked…it was Lawson sitting at the front row of the empty church, facing the altar.
“Lawson!” She began to run towards him, happy, relieved that he was ok.
“Sara?” He quickly stood as she approached him, “Sara…”
They both ran into each other’s arms. He hugged her so tightly
“I looked for you everywhere….this was the last place I thought you’d ever be…I just came and I saw you…Lawson….I’m so happy you are ok” she touched his face
“I didn’t know where else to go…It just feels like I cant face the world anymore…” he slowly released her from his embrace.
“Take my hand” Sara stretched out her hand, “C’mon, just take it”
Lawson gently clasped his hand into hers and she took him to the altar and stood to face him. She searched his eyes so deeply and hadn’t seen him so weak and helpless.
“Five years ago Lawson, we both stood on this altar. Remember our vows? Remember you whispered in my ear never to leave you. I told you I wouldn’t…that’s why I’m here. I am your wife Lawson, I am meant to be with you forever, though the bad and good times. We’ve had good times, why would I leave you now? All I want from you is to believe that you can still give me a child despite what the result said…I want you to believe in a miracle”, she held his face, “remember when you told me I was a miracle in your life?…our children will be our miracles too. Trust God with me because I know it won’t be long…
“Who are you Sara…” Lawson was weak with her words
“The one who vowed to be with you till the end” she smiled through her thin tears
“God I love you so much Sara” He hugged her again
“So will you come back home with me?” Sara searched his eyes
“I have no other place to call home” He placed a soft kiss on her lips.
2 years after
Lawson and Sara were on the sofa watching a late night movie. Sara was resting on his shoulders when she felt the movement
“Lawson Lawson, it moved again…don’t miss it this time touch touch” she gently placed his palm on the side of the stomach. Both felt the movement of their child
“I can feel him…I can feel him” Lawson placed his head on her belly
“I can feel him growing each day inside of me…”
“What do you think its saying now by this movement?”
“Thank you dada for believing in me” she laughed. They both laughed “The movement has stopped” he slowly removed his head from her stomach, “I think he’s sleeping”
Sara rested on his shoulders again, “In six months you’d be a father, “You finally got your miracle”
Lawson tilted his wife’s face to him, looking into her eyes, “Sara…you were the miracle I needed. Thank you for not leaving me.”
Sara tickled his nose with hers, “I love you too. Always will”, she smiled, “We missed a whole lot on our movie”
“Movie can wait, but this can’t” He gently planted a kiss on her belly.
Hi Friends,
First, we forget our vows so easily, so quickly that once our marriages start hitting the rocks, we fail to realize that there is power in union. When there is union, every mountain can be subdued. The problem is people don’t yet understand the concept of marriage and trust me, until you do, please don’t go to the alter because what you don’t understand will eventually become a burden and confuse you. The concept of marriage is ‘for better, for worse’. The ‘worse’ moments always come. I am not saying expect bad things but I’m saying that challenges come in marriage to make you stronger in oneness so don’t use it against yourselves.
Second, miracles are real and I hope we all learn to have the patience to have our miracles in the end. Remember that marriage is a ‘stick and stay’ relationship not a ‘hit and run’ thing.
Remember your vows each day, enjoy your marriage, you deserve it!


1. Love Each Other

2. Don't Lie

3. Keep Communication Open

4. Stay With each other

5. When You Got Hurt, Just Forgive and Forget


6. Never Talk About Break-Ups

7. Never Say 'Its Ok' Even If It's Not

8. Forget About PRIDE

9. If You Say 'Sorry' Mean It

10. Don't Talk About Your Stupid Ex's

11. Don't Compare Past To Your Present

12. Give And Take Process

13. Be Aware Of His Feelings


14. When You Had A Fight, Don't let the day pass without sorting out your differences

15. Be faithful forever

16. Dont Be The Perfect One, Be The RIGHT ONE

Gen. Buhari loses eldest daughter, Zulaiha Buhari

The eldest daughter of former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari has died.
Zulaihatu Buhari died on Thursday evening in Kaduna.
40-year-old Zulaiha died during child birth on Thursday at Nasarawa Hospital, a private clinic in Marafa, Kaduna.
According to the Deputy State Chairman of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Alhaji Bashir Saidu, the deceased was married to Captain Mahmud Junaid, a retired Army officer.
Zulaiha was born on December 5, 1972. She studied at the Department of Economics Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
She left behind Amira, Moh’d and the two-day-old baby girl.
Zulaiha will be put to rest in Kaduna this night according to Islamic right.
May her soul rest in peace!

Afghan Girl’s Throat Slit Over Refusal To Wed

Two men have been arrested for slitting the throat of a 15-year-old Afghan girl after her family refused a marriage proposal, police said Thursday.

The girl was carrying water from a river to her village home in northern Kunduz province on Wednesday when she was murdered, police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini told AFP.

“The two men attacked her and slit her throat with a knife,” he said. “They were arrested and are in police custody.”

Hussaini said one of the suspects had proposed marriage to the girl but her family had rejected the offer. Extreme violence against women and girls remains a major problem in the conservative Muslim nation more than a decade after US-led troops brought down the notoriously brutal Taliban regime.

According to figures by British charity organisation Oxfam, 87 percent of Afghan women report having experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage.

Last month a 20-year-old woman was beheaded by her husband’s family in the western province of Herat after she refused to become a prostitute, police said. Four people were arrested over the brutal killing. And in September, five people were arrested over the public flogging of a 16-year-old girl for allegedly having an affair.

Thursday 29 November 2012

Corp Member Gets 8 months Jail Term For Committing Cyber Crime

The Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja, on November 27, 2012, sentenced Ibok Benneth Preston, a national youth corps member to eight months imprisonment for attempting to commit internet fraud. The convict was prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on a ten count charge bordering on forgery and possession of fraudulent proposal document to the tune of $4,500 (Four Thousand Five Hundred Dollars). The offence is contrary to Sections 363 of the criminal law of Lagos State , vol. 44 No 11 of 2011. 

He was arraigned on November 1, 2012, on allegation that he fraudulently issued forged Union Bank of Nigeria Plc receipts, letters and several other documents purportedly obtained from the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), using the false identity of a Rev. Christopher Wallace, with intent to defraud unsuspecting individuals over a contrived European Winning Lottery programme. 

When arraigned, he pleaded not guilty and he was detained in Kirikiri prison while the case was adjourned till November 27, 2012, for hearing of the bail application. 

But on the adjourned date, Preston changed his plea from ‘not guilty’ to “guilty", having entered into a plea bargain agreement with the prosecution. Counsel to the accused person, J. Njoku, urged the court to tamper justice with mercy as the accused had shown remorse for his action, more so as he is a first offender. 

The prosecution counsel, I.O. Daramola urged the court to convict the accused person in line with his plea. 

Justice Akinlade consequently sentenced to eight months imprisonment effective from August 28, 2012, when he was arrested.

Preston’s road to jail followed a petition by a prominent industrialist who alleged that some unknown person hacked into his email account while his access to the account was blocked. The unknown person started sending mails to his contacts asking that money be sent to a certain bank account. After thorough investigation, Preston was arrested and he confessed to the crime.

Drive-in Sex Booths to Open in Zurich

Prostitutes in Zurich will be able to conduct business in drive-in sex booths beginning next year in a move that officials in the Swiss city hope will help make the sex industry safer and more regulated.
Earlier this year, voters in  Zurich passed a referendum to approve construction of the sex booths on the outskirts of the city, which will provide private accommodations for  approximately 30 prostitutes and their customers.
When the booths open in August 2012, prostitution will be banned in certain parts of the city and confined to the booths and two other zones, according to a news release on the Zurich Social Welfare Department’s website.
“The big difference is that until now prostitution is in a public space,” Michael Herzig, spokesperson for the department, told World Radio Switzerland. “Now we are going to change this, transfer it from the street, from a public to a private space to an old industrial area which belongs to the city, that give us the possibility to define the rules of prostitution in this space.”
The booths will be outfitted with parking spaces, alarm buttons and an on-site counselor, English language Swiss news site The Local reported last year when the publicly funded measure was being discussed.
Beginning in January, sex workers will  also have to apply for a license, register with a health insurer and purchase a ticket each night for approximately $5 before they begin soliciting customers.

Officials from the Social Welfare Department said the plan is “progressing” and ready to enter into full-force in the new year.

France to open world’s first ‘mosque for the gay community’ (where women and men won’t be segregated)


Mohammed Ludovic Lütfi Zahed (right), an Algerian Muslim living in France who is married to his gay partner Qiyam al-Din (left), hopes to open a mosque for homosexuals

A French-Algerian homosexual man is planning to open a 'mosque for gays' in France and hopes to eventually conduct same-sex Muslim marriages.
Mohammed Ludovic Lütfi Zahed, an Algerian Muslim living in Paris who is married to his gay partner, hopes to open the doors by the end of the month, according to the Jerusalem Post.
Mr Zahed says the mosque, situated in a Buddhist chapel in Paris, will also break another Islamic taboo by refusing to segregate women and men.

He said: 'In normal mosques, women have to sit in the back seats and wear a headscarf and gay men are afraid of both verbal and physical aggression.
'After performing the Hajj, I realized that a mosque for gays was a must for gay Muslims who want to perform their prayers.'

Zahed is married to Qiyam al-Din, a South African man. The pair wed in South Africa, where same-sex marriage is legal, and their marriage was approved by an imam in France, but was not recognised by the previous government.
Gay marriage has bitterly divided France.

French President Francois Hollande said he would enact his ‘marriage for everyone plan’ within a year of coming to power in May, but vocal opposition from religious leaders, some politicians and parts of rural France has sparked protests with an estimated 70,000 marchers.
Riot police have been forced to use tear gas to break up violence between those who support and oppose the change in law.
As well as opposition from those against gay marriage, the couple will likely face persecution from the French Muslim community. Homosexuality is a religious, political and cultural flashpoint among much of the Arab and Islamic world.

Mr Zahed told Al Arabiya News: 'Being married in front of my family, was like a new start of life for me.
'I could have never imagined such a day would come, seeing the joy in my parents’ eyes after they had battled with my sexuality and tried with all their might to change the course of my sexual orientation.'
Zahed was diagnosed with AIDS at 19, sparking his spiritual awakening. He says he regularly receives hate mail from Muslims globally, but added he is 'comfortable' in his own skin
He added that if his marriage is not recognised in France he will return to South Africa.

85-year-old grandpa arrested for raping 12-year-old says, ‘she seduced me’

An 85-year old man, Pa  Samuel Oladipupo, was nabbed by the men of Ekiti State Police Command for allegedly defiling a 12-year-old girl (name withheld).
The octogenarian  suspect, however, confessed to have made an attempt to make love with the girl, but denied ever having carnal knowledge  of Junior Secondary School girl.
The suspect who allegedly committed the crime last Sunday at his No. 9 Barrack Road, Ado Ekiti and now being detained at the police headquarters, claimed that the junior secondary school girl had  seduced him  into making love with her.
The father of the girl, has countered the claim of the suspect.
The Police image maker, Victor Babayemi  Olu, an Assistant Super-intendent of Police, said the victim had been taken  to Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti, where series of tests were  conducted on her to ascertain whether she was actually raped or not.
Speaking under interrogation, Pa Oladipupo said he had sent the victim to buy recharge card at a nearby phone booth on that fateful day and allowed her to go home after she helped him to load it.
“To let you know that I never  intended to commit the crime, after she had helped me load  the  recharge card on my phone right in my house, I allowed her to go without making any overture.
“But later, the victim resurfaced and came to tell me that she was famished and ask me what kind of food I had at home. I told her I only had bread and stew and she followed me inside and ate the food.
“After she finished with the food, she rested on the chair and then pulled off her clothes and told me to examine her pubic hairs. Later, she told me to examine her boobs and asked me why the two breasts were not the same, but I told her that it was natural to be so.
“As a man, I began to lose control. I then pushed her onto the bed and climbed  on her.
But as I was about inserting my penis into her vagina, I quickly remembered that this might  be a plan to frame me and I quickly stood up, so I didn’t enter her”, Pa Oladipupo explained.
But the girl denied ever  seducing the old man. She said that the man first accused her of stealing his phone, but when he found it in his house, he began fondling with her.
“I had earlier helped him to buy a recharge card, and he later accused  me of stealing his phone,” she said.

Culled from- Vanguard Newspapers