Sunday 28 July 2013

14 positive powers of prayer

Prayer. It is something that not everyone practices, but those who do believe strongly in its healing power. It is the practice of connecting spiritually to something or someone that gives a deeper meaning to life. There are two dimensions to prayer.
One is the self-awareness and self-reflection which is internal and the other is a connection with something deeper such as a higher power. When done with the correct intentions, prayer can have a number of different benefits.
1. It gives a feeling of hope and sense of optimism.
2. It helps to give a sense of gratitude for those around you and for the things that you have that others may not.
3. It can help to control impulsive actions and help to delay gratification for the person that is praying. It can help them to see the whole picture and see if what they are about to do will cause harm to anyone.
4. It can give someone a broader perspective on life and help them see the bigger picture.
5. It can help to see the beauty and commonality of diversity.
6. It can help you focus and concentrate because you are clearing your mind to pray.
7. It can help people to forgive when they otherwise may have a hard time doing so. It helps them to forget about the past and move forward to the future.
8. It gives people a sense of security in where they are going in life.
9. Prayer gives a comfort and a sense of being protected. It also decreases stress and anxiety.
10. Prayer time can be used for rational thinking.
11. It can give new and creative ways to solve problems that come up in life.
12. It will help you to unleash your emotions and thoughts.
13. It can increase confidence and be used as a time to self-affirm.
14. Prayer can help someone learn how to increase social maturity and how to connect with others.

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