Monday 5 November 2012

Meet Professional Snuggler, Who Charges $60 Per Hour

To you, snuggling might just be an activity between loved ones but to Jackie Samuel, it is a serious profession.
The  29 year old works as a professional cuddler, with clients paying $60 an hour to hold her as they lie on her double bed.
Critics have branded her “worse than a prostitute” even though she imposes a strict ban on any sexual touching.
Jackie who gets up to 30 clients a week at her New York home, said: “Some clients’ wives have passed away and they just need someone to be with.
"Others are in problem relationships — or just curious and want to find out what it’s like.
“Snuggling is healthy, spiritual and fun."
Cuddling is now serious business, If you are able to get it for free, appreciate o, lol!

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