Tuesday 20 November 2012

safeguard your body against diseases

How to safeguard your body against diseases.
1. Keep your body clean.Detoxify your body,keep your body clean on the inside and outside. Cleanness is very key to good health. Good Hygiene is very important. God gave sanitary rules and guidelines on how not to contract communicable diseases. Keeping the environment clean is one way of gaining good health. Ensure detoxification of your internal body - liver cleanse, digestive and colon cleanse, lymphatic drainage etc. The kind of diet you eat is such that the transit time must not exceed 24 hours. The heart helps in your circulatory system. Lymphatic circulation is aided by physical activity and exercise. Sweating from your armpit is very useful to help drain and remove waste from your body. Your skin is a third agent for eliminating wastes. The lungs also help in eliminating gaseous waste from your body. The fifth eliminating agent is your liver, the poisons in your body is converted to inert materials by your liver. The kidneys keep filtering your blood and forming the harmful chemicals in your body into urine for elimination. You should be mindful of cleanliness on the inside and outside of your body.
2. Oxygenate your body. Diseases thrive better in an oxygen deprived environment. If you have low level of oxygen, diseases will that body conducive, cancer cells thrive in a body deprived of oxygen. Cancer cells are anaerobic cells, whilst normal cells are aerobic. You can oxygenate you body by ensuring that you immediately combat anaemia. Red blood cells have a life span of 120 days and older cells are rigid which makes older red blood cells may find it difficult to pass through tiny capillaries. Cooked food is lacking in oxygen whilst raw foods carry a lot of oxygen.
3. Alkalize your body. The PH level of most of your body is supposed to be alkaline, your digestive tract has high hydrochloride acid that helps in destroying harmful germs in the digestive tract. All body fluid s should be alkaline. The PH of your body fluids should be 7.035. Animal products create acidity in your system. The more meat, chicken, eggs acidify your body whilst fresh foods and fruits increases body alkalinity.
4. Exercise your body - cardio musculoskeletal conditioning. The more sluggish your circulation is the more sicker and sluggish you are. When you exercise, your body helps your lymphatic system to drain fluids. One or the secrets of good health is movement. Keep moving.
If you don't use your muscles, you lose it. Fat is a store house of toxins and poisons. Reduce the fat content of your body through regular physical activity.
5. Stress management, not being sleep deprived. A minimum of 6 hours of restful sleep. A sleep deprived body is a prime candidate for diseases. "If you don't learn to rest, men will soon lay you to rest".
6. You must nourish your body. Your body is a living organism requiring a balance diet with appropriate nutrients, understand the things you must avoid, right time to eat and what to eat. Your immune system will be strong when you are well nourished.
7. You must normalize your body weight. Your body weight in relation to your height is expressed in your body mass index. The BMI = h x h/w , 18.5hxh lower limit, 24.9hxh upper limit.
8. Detoxify your mind. The predominant thoughts influence the status of your health. Whatsoever things are pure, lovely and of a good report, dwell on these things. If you are entertaining fear of diseases, you will likely have it. Let faith building thoughts and word predominate.
9. Partake in communion and eat the body of Christ. His flesh and blood are life and life giving. The spit ritual angle.
10. Stay in His presence. In His presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures ever more. The more protected you are. He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. The name of the Lord is a strong tower.

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