Monday 5 November 2012


I remember back when I was a little girl that men were almost like God and read carefully I meant almost like God
A man was someone that you truly looked up to at home when all was not well at home he had a presence of strength and intimidation yet his heart was as soft as a teddy bear
A man..well a man was someone that was devoted to one woman and one woman alone to care and love for
A man was someone that was so responsible that if a "mistake" of pregnancy would happen he would do all in his strength to help his woman out hell he would flip burgers at a fast food restaurant just to ensure that his little one would have food every day and night

A man was someone who never backed down wouldn't complain about any shit going down in his life he would simply pick himself up and try again and again just to ensure that he reaches his goal so that one day when he meets the woman of his dreams he would know that his family would be secure
A man would not sacrifice a long term relationship just for that one night stand
A man would know the good blessings he receives from God just by looking at them instead of waiting for them to be destroyed
Sadly with each generation coming those Men are very hard to come by
So to all men who are doing all they can for their woman, mothers, brothers, sisters, children etc I salute you cause you are in a million
You are truly a legend
Keep it up and God bless
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