Wednesday 2 January 2013

30-Year-Woman Banned From Getting Pregnant For The Next 13 Years

A mother who left her four kids in a hotel room to go out partying has been banned from giving birth to more children for 13 years.
Kimberly Lightsey, aged 30, agreed to not get pregnant before 2025 to avoid five years in jail.
She had earlier told the court in Bartow, Florida, she wanted to have more kids.
Lightsey left the youngsters – aged one to 11 – alone at a hotel in Winter Haven, Florida.
Cops were called after a guest heard crying noises. One child with epilepsy and cerebral palsy had needed constant care.
Lightsey, who had been serving four years’ probation for child abuse in 2009, was arrested on her return to the room.
She was put under two years’ house arrest and banned from any unsupervised contact with children. All her kids have been placed in the care of relatives.

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