Thursday 3 January 2013

Twin sisters give birth on the same day

Identical twins sisters have given birth on the same day, just hours apart.
Ashlee Nelson,19 and her sister Aimee gave birth within two hours of each other on New Year’s Eve.
Although the identical the twins are best friends, they rarely did everything together and had not planned to give birth on the same day.
The due dates were a week apart with Aimee going into hospital in Akron, Ohio, first. Two hours later her sister was taken to the same hospital.
The son of Aimee and Matthew Bratten, 20, arrived first. He weighed seven pounds, two and a half ounces and measured 21 inches long and was named Donavyn.
Sister Ashelee and her partner Cody Dilts had a girl called Aiden who weighed eight pounds, 12 ounces and measured 22 and a half inches long.
Twin mothers in US give birth on the same day
The babies were both delivered by Dr Laura Schnegg at the Summa City Hospital in Akron.
‘We didn’t think it was going to be this close at all,’ said Aimee. ‘We tried getting induced together but they wouldn’t let us. That was like two weeks ago, but it happened anyway.’
‘We’re best friends,’ said Ashlee of herself and her sister, who added, ‘Now our babies are going to be best friends.’
Proud grandmother Marcella Frason said the double delivery had made Christmas special.
‘Even the babies had things under the trees,’ she said. ‘They got little outfits, snowsuits, rattles, little toys, and they got their first Hot Wheels cars. They weren’t even here yet and they got their first gifts from Santa.’
Mrs Farson said the mothers didn’t plan same-day births and were not raised to do things alike. The due dates were about a week apart.
Asked if she ever dressed them alike as girls, Mrs Farson said: ‘Only when they were little. When they got to their individuality stage, I allowed them to do what they wanted — and they did for the most part.
‘But the funny part is that nine times out of 10, one would come home with one thing purple and the other one would do the same thing but pink.’

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