Thursday 1 November 2012

Things a man should do for his lady

This article is for you if you are a guy that is married or are in a very committed relationship with a woman. If you love your girl and want to have a good relationship with her, then here is a list of ten things a man should do for his wife all the time in order to not only promote harmony and happiness but to show her you truly do love her.

1 - Talk to her. One of the things women really want from their men is for him to talk to her. What this means is that she wants meaningful conversion with you. Tell her how you're doing; your hopes and dreams. Tell her what you're thinking about when she's not around. Tell her about what's on your mind, and listen to her when she responds.

2 - Touch her without expecting more. Women like to feel like they are more than a receptacle for your desire. If you want her to know you love her for more than what she can provide, touch her in gentle ways. Rub her back or feet. Caress her cheek. Things like that.

3 - Open doors for her. Show her you not only love her, but cherish her as well by opening the car door for her before getting in yourself. Open the door at home for her too. Help her with her coat when she comes home. Get her chair for her when she sits down for dinner. All those corny things men used to do in movies. Do it and she'll see you mean it when you tell her you love her.

4 - Compliment her. Tell her how nice she looks. Or smells. Tell her what a great job she's done with dinner or in helping you with some errand. Tell her how important she is to you and how your life wouldn't be nearly as sweet were she not there to share it with you. Whenever she's done something well or special, tell her so she'll know you've noticed and appreciate what she's done.

5 - Cook for her. You might be the kind of guy that cooks for her all the time, but you're probably not. So, occasionally cook an entire meal for her while she relaxes in the tub or in another room. Set the table, cook the meal and then clean up afterward. She'll love that.

6 - Tell her you love her. Most people don't tell the people they love often enough how much the other means to them. Break that tradition. If you truly do love her, tell her you love her at least once every single day. More is even better.

7 - Help her. When you marry someone, you're agreeing to be with them through thick and thin. For better or worse. While generally people see that as being there through the hard times, it also means being there and helping with the small things. Like running errands, or reaching for something on the top shelf. Or buying her a stool for when you're not around. It means helping with the cleaning and the maintenance of the home. When you help her, you're making your life a team effort, and this is what builds strong bonds between couples.

8 - Do things with her. Quite often as time passes, couples begin to find more and more things that they like to do individually which leaves less time and energy for doing things together. Keep that from happening by choosing to make doing things together a priority. Go to the grocery store with her, or Christmas shopping. Find things you both enjoy doing for fun and do them. Make your life feel like you're both in it together no matter what is going on.

9 - Let her make her own decisions. A lot of times men have a way of seeing things and come to decide that their way is right and any other wrong. This can result in men taking over a lot of the decision-making that goes on in the home. Fight this. If you make decisions without consulting your wife, you're silently telling her that her opinion doesn't matter to you, which generally leads to a loss of closeness between couples.

10 - Be dependable. Most women have a need to feel like they can count on their men to come through for them when they need it. To ensure that your girl feels this way about you, be dependable in the small things. Be where you say you will be, when you say you will be. And if you say you are going to do something, do it. Don't let things slip away. It's the small things in life that add up to someone being considered dependable.

These ten things a man should do for his wife all the time are tips for men who are either married or in a serious committed relationship with a woman. If you are such a man, and wish to sow the seeds for a happy contented marriage, I hope these things will help you. Good luck.

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