Monday 18 March 2013

5 bad habits that steal your joy

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Everyone has bad habits, but sometimes these habits can be very harmful to your health and steal your joy. Here is a list of five different bad habits and the best way to break them.
1.  Holding on to negative thoughts that are based on fear. This habit is very harmful to your psychological health. Negative thoughts can affect your body and you could start to feel run down or depressed. Living with fear is not a good way to live. If you surround yourself with positive thoughts, your body will reflect it.
2. Another bad habit is continually comparing yourself to others around you. If you compare yourself to others, you will never feel like you are good enough. This could cause depression as well because you will always feel inadequate. To break this habit, work slowly and stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, focus on yourself and the many good aspects of your personality and abilities.
3. Bad habit number three is focusing too much on the past or the future. If you remain hung on bad things that happened in the past, and focus too much on negative things that might happen in the future, you will never be able to fully live in the present time. To break this, make sure that you ground yourself in the present and enjoy what you have at the current time. Don’t worry about the past or the future; learn to stay in the moment.
4.  Next is clinging to expectations. Everyone is different. If you think that you need to meet exceedingly high expectations, you could affect your health and well-being by doing whatever you can to meet these expectations. To break this, set smaller goals and don’t focus on exceeding high expectations.
5. The last bad habit is holding in your feelings. Not allowing yourself to express your feelings or not allowing yourself to feel them will cause them to build up. Inevitably, one day everything will blow up and could lead to psychological problems. To break this habit, allow yourself to feel things. If you are sad, be sad. Don’t pretend to be happy when you are not.

culled from: ynaija

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