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6 common causes of low sex drive in young women

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A low sex drive in women refers to a lack of interest in sexual intercourse. It is not unusual to experience a temporary decline in sexual desire at some point, and many women do. But if it persists, it may become a medical or an emotional problem.
The signs of a low sex drive include:
•Less frequent sexual thoughts and fantasies
•Reduced sexual desire
•Reluctance to initiate sex
•Lack of desire for sex when you’ve gone without sex for days, weeks, or months (depending on what was previously normal for you)
Causes of Low Sex Drive
Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse is a deeply traumatic experience and may lead to fear and avoidance of sexual experiences later in life. Some women who have been victims of past abuse are afraid to trust a man; others respond to these negative experiences by losing sexual desire altogether. Counselling can be extremely valuable in helping women come to terms with the trauma and restore sexual desire
Pain during intercourse: If intercourse is uncomfortable or painful, a woman may tense up in anticipation of pain from sex, or she may avoid sex altogether, below are common causes painful intercourse include; lack of lubrication, vaginal infection most commonly candiasis and trichomoniasis
Pregnancy: When a woman is pregnant, her entire body is affected. Changes in hormone levels can affect her physically and emotionally. As a result, her desire for sex may temporarily change .Sexual interest may vary throughout the stages of pregnancy.
•Some women report lowered desire during the first three months, when morning sickness can be unpleasant and even debilitating.
•Many say their desire increased in the second three months (second trimester), as morning sickness diminished.
•Some say their desire decreased again the final trimester, when the abdomen’s new bulk made sex awkward or uncomfortable
Relationship issues: The quality of a relationship often strongly influences the couple’s sexual satisfaction. In many cases, a lack of communication is at the heart of the problem. The problem may lie both inside and outside the bedroom. Many women are too shy or embarrassed to discuss their sexual desires and needs frankly with their partner. Remember, few men have an innate knowledge of what pleases a woman. But in a healthy relationship, most are willing and eager to learn how to please their partners. Many men may need to be taught where to touch and how to stimulate their partner to the point of arousal
Drugs and alcohol: Many people think that alcohol reduces inhibition and therefore is an effective treatment for low sex drive. This is not true. A small amount of alcohol may lower sexual inhibitions when anxiety or tension is the primary cause for low sex drive, but research has proven that alcohol consumption does not improve either sex drive or performance.
Psychological factors: Stress, fear, and anxiety are all factors that can dampen sexual desire. The demands of juggling work, family and many other daily responsibilities can be overwhelming for many people. Bills may pile up and cause financial worries, and this distress can lead to low sex drive.
Anxiousness and fear over an ability to perform in bed or to satisfy a partner may sometimes lead to “spectating,” in which individuals are so concerned about monitoring the experience that they are unable to enjoy it.
Emotional-medical issues, such as depression, have also been linked to dampened desire. In addition, many medications that are prescribed to combat depression or anxiety may have a negative impact on sex drive.

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