Wednesday 6 March 2013

Was it wrong to tell my husband I cheated on him?

Anna has been married to Julius for five years with a baby but she has always been in love with her husband's friend, Elvis who happen to be her first love. Her love for Elvis developed into a full blown affair which later led to the dissolution of her marriage. 

Anna writes. Elvis is my first love and our plan is to get married but because Elvis is not financially buoyant, my family insisted that I get married to Julius who was a multi-millionaire. 
When Elvis found out that I left him in Favour of Julius, he was heart-broken. I was short of words as I stared into his eyes. I could feel his pain and disappointment. I saw how sad he was. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t find the right words. Just at that moment. Elvis pulled me closer. His lip pressed against mine so passionately that I gave in to him; I found myself releasing my body to him, more like, am longing for it. 

The past few week of chatting and talking with Elvis had ignited the fire of love between us. I held unto to him as long as I could, My mind totally blank of all sanity. Afraid to think. He lifted me unto the couch and just then, I felt him unbuttoning my blouse, kissing my neck all the way to my mouth, so engrossed in having all of me. I felt hot tears flowing from my eyes as I gave in to him. After this episode with Elvis. I drove back home in pain and tears. 

My heart pounding faster than usual, my hands shaking and fear all over me. What have I done? I asked myself as tears flowed from my eyes. It was a feeling of fear, anger and betrayal. There was no excuse for what happened and I knew the worst is about to happen. How can I face my husband now, I knew I was in big trouble. When I drove in, I saw my husband’s car parked in the garage. As I Looked through the window of our house; I notice there was no light on. My husband had probably gone to bed I thought. All I want to do is run and have a shower. 

I was grateful that Julius had call in the afternoon and offered to pick up our daughter from day care. On opening the door, I was taken back as I saw; rolls and layers of candle lit on from entrance all the way to the stairs leading to our bed room, seeing pedals of roses on the floor, the house full of scented aroma, I notice that the dinner table was set andscented candle on it , a mixture of fear and betrayal filled me.

I followed the candle to the room and as I suspected, It was filled with pedals of rose as I have never seen before, glowing candle everywhere and here my husband standing there holding a rose for me. As I looked at him, I felt tears running down my face. I was full of guilt and I confessed to him what happened between Elvis and I. He got angry and ask me to leave his house for good. I have since moved out of the house. 

Was it wrong to tell my husband what transpired between I and Elvis?

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