Friday 16 November 2012

What will you do???

After 8 months, i got tired of her and
wanted to break up the relationship
but i was a little scared cos i didn't
know how she would feel, so i decided
to take her out to a club.

She ordered a bottle of Malta Guinness with rice and chicken in a shaky and
sleepy voice, i told her that i was tired of
her and wanted to stop the
Relationship. I couldn't look into her eyes cos it was
full with tears, she cried and cried
continuously then she decided to open
the malta Guiness to calm herself.
Suddenly she stopped crying and
busted out in Laughter.
 I looked up and to my greatest surprise
she had the Malta Guiness crown cock
with 5 million instant prize. Please guys if you were in my shoes
what would you have done? And if you
were the girl what would you have
done to me. Be honest


Anonymous said...

I wil surely leave d guy cos he doesn't love me. His love is based on d money@ hand once d money finishes his love 4 me also diminishes. So I wil just leave n enjoy ma money

Unknown said...

true talk.... he might be testing ur love 4 him