Tuesday 6 November 2012

Mr and Mrs Akpors

Mr and Mrs Akpos at a zoo walk past a gorilla enclosure.
Mrs Akpos: Sweetheart, do u know that gorillas are the only animals that behave like men? Look (seeing that no one is watching, she exposes one of her breasts) Sure enough,the gorilla gets excited & grabs the bars
of d enclosure as if it wanted to break free.
Mrs Akpos: See, now I know why u react the way u
do; men can't control their instinc
ts just like gorillas
can't...Men & gorillas are the
Mr Akpos: Wow.. now expose both breast & see what
happens. (So she exposes both breasts to d gorilla & it gets very excited dat it want to escape from d enclosure)
Mr Akpos: dis is incredible, now pull ur skirt up, turn
around, expose ur bum & let's see wat happens. (d woman did exactly & dis time, d gorilla breaks free
frm d enclosure, grabs Mrs Akpos and starts yanking her clothes off)
Mrs Akpos[yells]: Dear..wat do I do now? Please help
Mr Akpos: Nw, tell him u're in ur period, u ava headache or u're nt in mood, n let's see if Gorillas n
Men are really d same

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