Friday 16 November 2012

Serious issue: what will you advice this woman to do?

I have been married for six months and I am in a very big dilemma especially so because I am a Christian. My husband is a pastor whiles I am a chorister.
On the night of our wedding, he insisted that, we pray and give thanks to God. We held long hours of prayer and to be honest with you I was very disappointed. The next day came and he told me that, he has a clear direction from God that, we need to wait for directions as to when we can start getting intimate. It's been one excuse after the other and it has been over six months.
He buys me gifts and makes sure I am comfortable but we have never had intimate relations in all the six months we've been married. I got infuriated and reported him to our counselor who spoke to us but things remained the same. This time round I went to the pastor in charge and upon questioning, my husband admitted that, he is totally impotent and cannot get his manhood up.

I was gripped with fear and shock. When asked how long he had had the problem, he said it's been about7 years. I asked why he did not tell me but lied to me. He said he took a wife by faith, believing that, taking that bold step and 'believing the things that be not as though they were” as the Bible puts it could bring him healing…
Bola, I was hurt and disappointed. I've kept this to myself and feel it is time to speak up. When asked what he wants me to do, he said he wants me to stand with him in prayers and fight the situation. Bola, I don't see myself doing this. I have been asked to be considerate and remember my vows that say “for better, for worse”. But I took these vows out of deception. How long will this last? His situation s I found out is very medically challenging.
Bola I am a very sad and confused person. What will I say is the reason I got out of the marriage? He will be a public ridicule if I ever give the right reasons. Already, ever since we met with the pastor, he finds it difficult to go to church. It is tough. I can tell he is embarrassed and broken but I can't put my own life on hold for him especially so considering the fact that he lied to me. Please ask your listeners to help me out of this. I would like to enjoy intimacy and have children.

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