Thursday 21 March 2013

habits that could lead to infertility in men

Infertility simply means the inability of an individual to biological contribute to conception, in many cultures inability to conceive bears a stigma. In closed social groups, a degree of rejection may cause some form of anxiety and depression, some respond by actively avoiding the issue altogether, middle class men are the most likely to respond in this way.
Some certain bad habits amongst men have been found to lead to infertility; below are eight common habits that could lead to infertility in men
- Wearing tight jeans: Because of the current trend in fashion, most men wear fashionably tight jeans called skinnies, this new fashion trend has been found to be detrimental to virility amongst men because they cage the scrotum and invite genital tract inflammation. They also restrain blood circulation, which is not good for sperm production
- Smoking :This also very common amongst men of reproductive age is another detrimental factor, recent health studies have shown that smoking 10 cigarettes a day could destroy 25% of sperm cells produced weekly. Marijuana has also been found to be a major cause of low sperm count and azoospermia
- Sleeping around: This trend has dated back to creation and is very common amongst younger men; studies have shown that the number of sexual partners you are exposed to determines the probability of you contacting an STI (sexually transmitted infection). Some STIs have been found to cause blockage of the genital tract in men and also damage of the testis, If you must sleep around always use a condom
- Frequent hot baths: This might be a little surprising but studies have shown that for proper spermatogenesis to occur the scrotum sac housing the testis must be at a temperature of 1-2 degrees Celsius below the normal body temperature, which indicates that males should spend less time soaking in overly hot water.
- Watch your weight: obesity increases the risk of hypogonadism thus leading to testicular failure which simply means that the fatter you become the lesser gonadotropin releasing hormone is released into your blood stream. This hormone is responsible for the release of other hormones responsible for optimal testicular function.
- Keeping your cell phone in your trouser pocket: most men are accustomed to putting their phones in their trouser pockets. Bad idea, our phones emit electromagnetic radiations which when placed in close proximity to the scrotum may lower your sperm count. Keep it in your hand or leave it on the table.
v Prolonged sitting down: leads to poor blood supply to the pelvic cavity which in turn leads to poor testicular oxygenation thus leading to poor maturation of sperm cells and reduce mobility of sperm cells.


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