Friday 2 November 2012

Man gets his mother pregnant

About four years ago, the mother and son were fined by their village church after the council learnt that the woman was left pregnant by her son. At that time, the woman had miscarried when she was four months pregnant. Now, history has repeated itself.
The villagers were outraged on learning about the incestuous relationship which has been on since 2008. The woman’s husband passed away after a long illness.
Now villagers want to hunt and get the duo back to the village and subject them to harsh punishment to send out a signal to the entire community that such incestuous relationships would not be tolerated.
The villagers found out that the mother was pregnant for the second time when the woman stopped going to church. When villagers visited her at home, they found that she was five months pregnant by her own son.
Last heard, the duo were still on the run.

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wonders will neva cease