Wednesday 12 December 2012

71-year-old Deprived Of Sex By 58-year-old Wife Files For Divorce

Salmon Kassin on Monday begged an Igando Customary Court to dissolve his 15-year-old marriage, alleging that his wife, Miriam was denying him sex.
“Anytime I want to make love to her, she refuses and gives me conditions; if I want to force myself to do it she threatens to stab me with a knife.
“How can my wife be denying me sex? I am not a stick or a stone, I need this thing but she is not giving it to me,” he said.
71-year-old Salmon also accused his wife of lack of respect and of going out and coming back at will without informing him about her movements.
“She does not respect me and talks to me as if she is talking to a younger person,” he said.
Salmon said that he was fed up with the marriage and no longer loves his wife. He therefore urged the court to put an end to it.
In her response, 58-year-old Mariam, a business woman, told the court that she denied her husband sex because he refused to give her the documents of her property.
“He should give me the documents, I want to claim my property back from him,” she said.
Mariam said that she gave her husband money to help her acquire a land, but she had never set her eyes on the documents covering it.
She told the court that she later discovered that her husband actually bought the land, but it was his name that was on the documents.
The respondent said that she had the contacts of workers who built a one-storey building on the land and they could serve as her witnesses.
“Salmon wants to cheat me by divorcing me to claim my property because I do not have any child for him,” she said.
She also told the court that her husband owes her N1.8 million and should pay it if there would be a divorce.

The court president, Mr Adewale Eko, while adjourning the case to March 28, 2013 for further hearing, blamed the respondent for not having any document with her to prove ownership, but however said that the area in which the house is located would be visited to make inquiries.

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