Tuesday 25 December 2012

For men- Things your woman will love to hear

Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to find the right things to say to the lady in your life? If there’s one thing that has always kept men wondering about women, it has to be figuring out what they love to hear. Whether you are in a committed relationship or wanting to take your relationship to the next level, here are some phrases that women never get sick of hearing.
1. “You’re very smart.”
Women want to be appreciated for their intelligence. By acknowledging her intelligence, you’re communicating that you recognize her brains and not just her figure.
2. “You are the most beautiful woman I know.”
Aside from making her feel aesthetically superior to other women, this remark will put her on a pedestal among her peers and give her an ego boost. She’ll feel good about herself and will also feel less threatened by other women when they are around you. This phrase is particularly effective in long-term relationships, as you’re assuring your woman that she’s still hot.
3. “You’re my best friend.”
Want to assure her that you are the kind of man who’s not just with her for her looks? All you need to do is to tell her that she is not just the love of your life, but also your best friend. Telling her how you feel above and beyond a sexual context will make her feel overpoweringly connected to you.
4. “I am so proud of you.”
Telling your woman how proud you are of her for working hard to achieve her goals and showing your loving support will make her heart melt.
5. “You’re perfect just the way you are.”
This statement says that you’ve accepted her completely. Giving her an ego boost like that makes her feel cognizant about how much you openly and willingly accept her flaws.
6. “I don’t want to be with anyone else.”
This expression of enduring commitment says that she has become an essential, indispensable ingredient in your life and that you couldn’t live without her. This is a heavy line; it’s not many degrees away from proposing to her, so only say this if you truly mean it.
7. “What do you feel/think about [anything]?”
Women love to express their feelings on every topic imaginable. Asking this question tells your lady that you respect her views and that you’re genuinely concerned about her feelings and opinions.
8. “How was your day?”
Asking about her day assures that you’re willing to lend her your pair of ears and focus on what she has to say.
9. “I love you.”
Few men realize or appreciate the power of saying “I love you.” By saying those three magic words (when you really mean it), you’re acknowledging an attachment to your woman and satisfying her most basic emotional need–to know how her man feels about her and to hear it. abuse the words. Remember–saying this just to smooth over mistakes or as a precursor to every word out of your mouth won’t fill her with delight.
Sometimes it’s not just about the words from a man’s mouth, it is also about showing your love through your actions.

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