Tuesday 11 December 2012

My husband sent me packing because I did not give him ‘oral sex’

Listening to her story last week reminds one of an old Indian romance movie.
It was indeed sad and shocking yet interesting hearing how couple who started out as lovers, ended up as boxers after 24 years of marriage with 4 children.
“Please can I see your editor?  I have a story for you ‘guys’. A lady in her mid late 40s with scars of anger all over her, carrying barely a 2 year-old baby walked into our newsroom and demanded to see the editor.
Her mood literally was that of despair, anger and confusion.
“Sorry, our editor went is out of the country, hope there’s no problem,” one of our reporters inquires.
“No problem, it’s just that I have a story to share with you. My name is Bola (surname withheld), I’m from Igangan area of Ibadan,” she introduces herself, “a friend of mine who’s a regular reader of your site told me about your true confession column and I would love to have my story published there too,” the desperate woman requests.
“Why coming all the way from Ibadan to our office, why didn’t you send it via e mail.?” Another reporter asks.
“Because I wanted the world to know what I’m passing through. This is not an Internet matter my brother.” I don’t want people to think its a cook up story,” She insists.
Like a set of tales by moonlight, our reporters encircled this woman and her child and she begins to narrate her ordeal.
“It all started well between us  some years ago during our NYSC service in the northern part of the country. We both were close friends during our youth service, people used to call us ‘oko and iyawo (husband and wife in Yoruba) as at then. After the service, we lost contact and few years latter we again met at a Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) convention is Isse, Ekiti State. We reunited  and that was how our journey to marital world started.
He proposed marriage to me and I accepted but on one condition, ‘no pre marital sex’ (because the I was still a virgin and a Born Again child of God) he agreed to my term and we moved on.
I was afraid because he’s an Ibo guy.
To cut the long story short, were united in Holy Matrimony on Saturday, July 16, 1988.
Our marriage is blessed with 4 children, this is the last born (pointing at the one on her legs.)
My husband works with one of the telecommunication companies and always travels out of country.
Precisely last June, he returned from a trip and asked me to ‘go under’ him.
Jesus! I screamed, you mean I should suck your ‘manhood?’ I asked him.
He told me ‘yes’ and I outrightly said NO, that night, I received the beating of my life. My God, I was mad, wishing the earth could open up and swallow me.
It didn’t end there, he promised to continue beating me until I obey his order.
There was a night, he threw me and my daughter out of the house, we slept under the rain. I must confess, I regretted getting married to him that night.
I was inquisitive to know why he suddenly turned a ‘porn star’ over night, his friend confided in me that when he traveled to Port Hacourt recently, those commercial sex workers came to “ease him” thought him  the act of “Blow Job.”
There was this occasion, he brought in a prostitute and had sex with her in front of I and my children, he even called me to come and learn from her. (Sobbing)
Last month, he finally threw my loads out of his house and warned me never to return until I’m ready to succumb to his urge.
I’ve been wondering like a vagabond for the past 3 weeks now with my daughter, not even for or water food for the innocent girl.
Before she could finish her story, Rita, one of our female reporters was already soaked in tears. She was touched by the strange but true story of this mother of 4. “Such is life my sister,” she consoles her, ‘God will fight for you’ tapping the battered woman on her shoulder; So touching that even our clients who came around could not go until the end of her story.
She continues, “Please I beg you, I’m tired, I don’t know where to go from here, tell your readers to advise me.
Should I bow to his ugly romance (which is hard for me) or return his daughter to him and continue with my life” she added.
Dear readers, your Candid advise would help this woman out.

culled from: dailypost

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