Monday 17 December 2012


Almost all women have been in wrong relationships at least once in their lives. However, some women have been stuck in a pattern wherein she always ends up hurting herself by being, trapped in...
a wrong kind of relationship that seems to feel right all the time. These kinds of relationships are usually bound to fail. Then, why is it that these women still go for these kinds of relationships when in fact they know that at the back of their minds that it will not even work?
There are four reasons why a woman feels right about a wrong relationship.
The first is she may be addicted to the concept of love. Finding the right person to love can be frustrating especially during times when the word commitment and love have lost its true meaning. The concept of love can be addicting especially if a woman has gone in and out of failed relationships. This is the reason why, there are women who are willing to accept and stay in wrong relationships making it feel right. This is because they want to be a part of that, addiction to love whatever it takes.

The second is blindness to relationship patterns. This simply means that these women are attracted to wrong people that seem perfect for them. A woman may be attracted to the playboy type, because of the smooth and girl-envy potentials of having a playboy boyfriend. She may be attracted to divorced or married men that have just been out of a bad marriage or relationship or she may be attracted to bums who are not so concerned when it comes to building their own future. This attraction to these kinds of men has become a habit until it has reached a point when these women are, blinded by what they really want in a man.

The third is the fear of loneliness. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being alone in this world. Some women get so, affected by this thought that they are willing to risk their own happiness at finding true love by staying with a person that is not even right for them. This fear of loneliness makes the relationship feel right.

The fourth and last reason why wrong relationships feel right is low self-esteem. There are several reasons that can cause low self-esteem, but the most common for women is not being able to get over a past relationship. This makes her take for granted all the good things she has in life like a good job, a stable and high paying income, a loving family and other things that only other girls can dream of. Because of this feeling of rejection that a woman has gone through, she develops low self-esteem that pushes her to get involved in other wrong relationships just to fill the missing part of her life that she is looking for.

Whatever reason it may be, it will sure feel much better to stand on your own two feet than depend on someone who is not even half as good as the woman that you are. Take time to enjoy life by choosing a new hobby, engaging in new sports, exercising, and spending time with people in your life who really matter.

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