Friday 14 December 2012

“I’m Still A Man” - Mike Tyson Denies Sex Change Rumour

Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world “Iron” Mike Tyson has issued a statement via an African website denying stories claiming he has had a sex change after undergoing a successful 16-hour operation.

The bizarre story stems from a spoof news item from a British satirical website, which hoodwinked a number of online publications in Africa.

Some quotes attributed to Tyson in the story stated: “Some people might think it strange that I’m now a woman.

“But even at the height of my career, when pound for pound I was regarded as the best fighter in the world, I never lost touch with my feminine side and knew that one day I would grow breasts and have a vagina.”

However, Tyson has since been quoted as saying: “I am still a man and I have always been fully in touch with my masculinity and have no intention of becoming a woman.

“The claims are not only untrue but unbelievably stupid. I was at the Pacquiao-Marquez fight on Saturday and any reasonable person could tell I was looking like a man.”

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