Monday 17 December 2012

Are These Facts True About Relationships??

I saw this on an internet forum and decided to share this to know your opinion on these so-called relationship facts. Feel free to share your views
No relationship is perfect: every relationship is management
Believe it or not, those who usually come out and tell people that they have the best and most perfect relationship are the worst liars on earth. If they can be open and be truthful for just a second, they will tell you that they are not as perfect as they talk about: All we do and you must also do is to manage it. When I say ‘manage it’, please, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean you should suffer in your relationship.

You can never love your partner all the time
Take it or leave it: you can never love your partner all the time and your partner can not love you all the time too. I hope you are not shocked. The truth of the matter is that there are some moments when you won’t just love your partner even if you both didn’t quarrel and nag. Everyone in one relationship or the other must experience these hours: it is called the renewal hours and necessary for every relationship that is operating under the true love foundation.

Your partner must cheat on you one way or the other
Cheating in relationship depends on the definition giving to it by the partners involved: what may be called ‘cheating’ in my own relationship may not be called cheating in another relationship. Know what you and your partner have defined cheating to mean in your own relationship, one way or the other, your partner will definitely cheat on you some day or it may be even be you!!!!! Well, there is one silly act that is generally regarded as relationship cheat worldwide: that is Being Intimate with someone else who is not your partner. I’m not talking about this type of cheating. I hope you understand me. So, that ‘holy’ ‘perfect’ partner of yours will never keep to all the rules in the relationship: sorry dear.

You must shed tears
Well, this is one fact that is now very common among lovers who are truly in love. Partners in relationship must definitely shed tears someday(s). This is because humans will hurt each other in order to please or make situation suitable for themselves. No matter how hard you form, you will definitely shed tears even if it's a drop except you don't love that person at all.
There are certain things about every relationship that outsiders wishes to have and there are things outsiders wishes never to have.
This means that every relationship has its own issues and good times. It is left for you to make a scale and find out those qualities that people wishes to have in their own relationship and forget the other ones.

Partners must miss each other
You can never be with that person you claim to love all the time. This particular relationship fact causes partners to miss each other. One of my readers once emailed me and said she hates the fact that she ‘will miss him’ missing your partner hurts somehow and you wish to keep hold on that person for life and every minute.

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