Monday 17 December 2012


Being committed in a relationship is a mutual agreement between a couple and not just one partner making all the decisions. Assessing a relationship and judging its progress would help you in making any future commitment in a relationship. Here are the top 10 signs that would show that you as a couple are committed in a relationship.

1. The love and respect that you have for each other. Ignoring what your partner’s views and dreams are and trying to impose yourself on him/her or vice versa, and trying to imbibe his/her personality and losing your individuality is not love or respect. Growing in love and caring for each other’s needs, likes and dislikes are good signs, but compromising on your individual standards is not healthy.

2. Being loyal to your partner is another big sign. If you are loyal to your partner in every aspect and also loyal to your relationship and the promises that you have made to each other, then there is no doubt that you are in a committed relationship.

3. Another point is being honest. If you truly share your feelings and share yourself in the presence of your partner, then it is a sign of being committed. Apart from this, if you have been honest about your past and truthfully have told your partner about your future plans then it shows that you are in a committed relationship.

4. You love spending time together and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest will show that you are committed to him or her. You should have feelings to care for each other and should look up to fulfilment of your partners’ needs and desires. If you have such feelings and live up to the expectations of your partner then you are committed.

5. Life is not a bed of roses and there are times that you might have to go through ups and downs in life. In such case, if you and your partner stand for each other, support each other and still see the love and care for each other, then this shows that your relationship is a committed one.

6. There is no relationship that can survive without trust. The basis of every relationship is trust! If you and your partner trust each other completely then there is commitment in your relationship.

7. Getting into a live in relationship is a big decision. If you have sorted out issues of your finances and thought about the pros and cons of moving in together and still move in and are comfortable living together then it shows your committed relationship.

8. If your partner suggests making a financial investment together or buying a house or some property together, then it shows that he/she is thinking about you on a long-term relationship and is willing to spend his/her life with you.

9. If your partner wants to get engaged to you then it shows that your committed relationship is moving to another strong bond. Getting engaged is a big decision, which means that you are ready to marry the person, you are seeing and this means that you are moving forward.

10. The last and the most major sign of being committed are proposing a marriage. This means that you will be spending your life together, and all the efforts that you made to keep the relationship working has paid.

Commitment in a relationship means devotion from both ends, so make sure that you play your part well to make a relationship work.

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